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TRAFECO’s product range includes high-quality low- and medium-voltage, single- and three- phase transformers. Our transformers find numerous industrial applications operating in the harshest environments and all climate zones. A controlled production process and the use of materials with the highest technical parameters in production allow us to supply transformers for medical, offshore, railway and mining applications. Our transformers supply, among other things, operating theatres and treatment rooms in hospitals, work in the drive systems of rail vehicles and provide a source of energy for longwall shearers. The parameters of our transformers comply with the requirements of European standards, e.g. EN/IEC 61558; EN/IEC 60076 and the regulations of the relevant Classification Societies. We supply transformers to many demanding customers of European and global importance. High standards of quality control, innovative design and construction solutions combined with the use of modern magnetic and construction materials allow us to meet the technical requirements of all our customers.

At TRAFECO we use the transformer manufacturing technology that has been proven over many years of experience. As part of internal development work and thanks to cooperation with numerous research centres, we introduce our own innovative design and technological solutions into production, significantly improving the parameters of our transformers. We systematically work on the development of our transformers, thus increasing their competitiveness, and we expand our product range with new types of devices. Transformers manufactured at TRAFECO are ergonomic, assembly-friendly and maintenance-free devices during their lifetime.

A professional and committed staff and a group of specialist engineers provide the company with a market advantage. We are ready to design and deliver to our customers custom transformers with innovative constructions, meeting unusual design or technological requirements.