Motor choke

Purpose and design

Three-phase 3RTM type motor chokes are used in drive systems powered and regulated by inverters. The motor chokes operate at the output of the inverter. The output chokes limit the capacitive currents flowing through the cable capacitances, relieving the load on the inverter, and mitigate the steepness of the rise of the du/dt voltage pulses, protecting the cable and motor insulation. Motor chokes can be made in IP23 rated enclosures or covers. The installation of chokes in enclosures with a higher protection class should be consulted with the manufacturer.

Upon agreement, we can manufacture a non- standard device with the required technical parameters.
The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to the parameters due to technical product developments.

Technical Standards EN/IEC 60076-6; EN/IEC 61558-2-20
Rated current 400 V (max. +10%)
Frequency 50 Hz
Overload capacity 110% 60min / 150% 60s
Voltage test 3kV / 50Hz / 60s
Max. ambient temperature from -250C to +400C
Insulation class F (1550C)
Environment/climate class C1/E0 – land based, C2/E1 – mining and offshore
Protection classIP00 or IP23
Cooling AN (natural air)